The project Il Tosco started in 2010 when for the first time the doors of Palazzo Smaghi Bellarmini opened ahead of us and we discovered this house that had not been lived for more than 20 years.
Everything was still untouched: frescoed ceilings, imposing walls, arches, vaults, furniture, decorations and the memories of the noble family like letters, documents and family photos were all at their place covered by a thick layer of dust.
When we saw all this, the idea was to bring the house back to its original glory, preserving the history of what was protected among those walls but making it a comfortable place that our guests could enjoy.
The renovations lasted for more than one year. We paid extreme attention to all the details and we always used materials from the surroundings to minimize the impact on the environment.
Several artisan masters contributed to the project by realizing tailored made pieces and leveraging their experience and creativity.
Today Il Tosco is more than a renovated historical house, it is a true Tuscany experience.
You will fell at home but outside of the world.